Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can ask by email or call/text 720-808-9210

What is a private ride?

Shuttle Ride Inc provides NON-SHARED luxury SUV. Shuttle Ride Inc provide ONLY  Private Ride, meaning you/your group of people will not be share a vehicle with other travelers.

How can I make a reservation and how long in advance can I order?

You can make a reservation online on the website or by texting 720-808-9210.
If you make an reservation 12 hours before the start of the booked time you can do it online, if you are ordering less than 12 hours before the desired pickup time please call or text the support service Shuttle Ride Inc by 720-808-9210

How can I pay?

You can pay for your reservation directly on the website and receive a receipt for payment via email, using the secure web resources Square.We can also issue you an invoice that can paid directly from Bank account.All payments must be made in full prior to the trip.

If my flight comes in early or late, how will the driver know?

Shuttle Ride Inc tracks all flights, and our internal system automatically alerts us when a flight isn't running on schedule. You will not be charged if your flight arrives late. Shuttle Ride Inc will monitor your flight and make the appropriate adjustments for your pickup time.

How will I locate my driver at the airport?

Your driver will be tracking your flight status. Once you arrive at the airport your driver will contact you via phone.

If you are arriving at DIA,

Follow to the level 5 (baggage claim) After you will get your baggage.

Please, go to island 2 (limo pick up) on the same level  and text driver what exit door is closest to you.

Driver will be in 3 min on island 2 for your  pick up.

If there is any confusion, please call Shuttle Ride Inc  at 720-808-9210

How many people and how much luggage can fit into a Luxury SUV?

Our SUV's accommodate up to 6 passengers and up to 6 pieces of luggage (depending on size).

If you are traveling with skis/snowboards/golf clubs, you should notify us about that by text to 720-808-9210 or make a propriate note online reservation at 

Do you charge extra for luggage?

There is NO charge for luggage as long it all fits into the trunk in Luxury SUV. 

If you are traveling with skis/snowboards/golf clubs, you should notify us about that by text to

720-808-9210 or make a propriate note online reservation at 

Does Shuttle Ride Inc provide a car/booster seat for my child?

If your child is under the age of 12, legally your child must be in a car seat. Customers are encouraged to provide their own car seats or booster seats. However, if there is a need, Shuttle Ride Inc has a limited amount of car seats or booster seats available. Check at the time of booking for availability. There is a $15 charge per seat request.

Can my kids travel alone?

An adult must accompany passengers under the age of 18 years. A chauffeur reserves the right to ask for ID for proof of age.

Does Shuttle Ride Inc charge for waiting time? if so, how is waiting time charged?

Shuttle Ride Inc waiting time is based on the hourly rate ($80 per hour) for a particular vehicle and is charged at 15 minutes increments. Time spent waiting at additional stop(s) will be charged as waiting time. Shuttle Ride Inc has 15 minutes grace period for all time overages on the way to reserved destination. All stops must be pre arranged before the reservation begins. Due the size of our vehicles and safety concerns, all unplanned stops are at the discretion of the driver. Shuttle Ride Inc reserved the right to charge for unplanned stops, Waiting time charges may apply after the complimentary waiting time expires. For international flights the first 60 minutes are free all additional time is billable. For domestic flights the first 45 minutes are free all additional waiting time is billable. For private residence and hotel pickup the first 15 minutes are free. All additional waiting time is billable. Shuttle Ride Inc updates all flights arrival  time when a correct flight or tail number is provided, but the update is only as reliable as the information we are provided by the airline or passenger(s). On all airports arrival reservations you will be considered a no-show after 45 minutes (60 minutes for international arrival requiring Customs Clearance) past your flights arrival time. If you have not met your driver or contacted by Shuttle Ride Inc, you will be charged in full for the reservation. To avoid being charged as no-show, do not leave your location without contacting Shuttle Ride Inc by phone 720-808-9210

Who is resposible for any toll charges incurred during my trip?

All out of pocket charges, including, but not limited to road tolls, parking, airport fees and laggage carts incurred throughout the charter will be billed to the client.

Can I smoke in the car?

Smoking in the vehical is strictly prohibited.

Are pets allowed inside vehicles?

Yes, small pets contained in a carrier or carried on lap by owner are allowed at NO additional charge. Customer is responsible to keep pet calm. For any damage from pet, customer will be penalized with certain amount, after inspection by the specialist.

Do I need to tip my driver?

Yes, if the client is pleased with the service they received.

A 20% gratuity will be added to all rides. Additional gratuity for drivers is at your discretion.

What if I lost something in a Shuttle Ride Inc car? Do you have Lost and Found Department?

Shuttle Ride Inc is not responsible for items that are left in the vehicle, lost, stolen or damaged. Our company is not liable for lost items left behind in any vehicle by a passenger, but we will do whatever we can to help you find it. Shuttle Ride Inc has a Lost and Found Department. If you suspect you have left an item in an Shuttle Ride Inc affiliated vehicle, please call or text  Customer Service at 720-808-9210 and provide your name, contact number and date of trip along with a brief description of the item. Please note that it may take 2-3 business days for the Lost and Found Department to retrieve your item (if it is found). Once and if your item has been received from the chauffeur, Lost and Found will contact you and provide you with options of how you can pickup or receive your item. Shuttle Ride Inc reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. Shuttle Ride Inc recommends that all personal items be removed from the vehicle before you leave.


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